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Org is a

Designed to deliver
transformational change.

  • DATE|12 Sep 2022
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Data accuracy

New finance target operating model produced faster more accurate data

Global alignment

Created alignment across multiple geographies

Return on investment

Delivered cost reductions as well as efficiency gains

The Challenge

Challenging preconceptions.

Our client asked us to challenge and validate their current thinking on global technology.

The Insight

Establishing digital roots that last.

A leading law firm wanted to be set up for the future with technology finances and funding models that are sustainable and have been rigorously interrogated.

The Objective

The key objective was to build a model of a future state that considered everything from people and organisation to financials and funding.

Simon Wiggs

We were honest enough to challenge where we felt things could be improved and bold enough to present a vision of a transformed operational model.

The Solution

We produced an executive summary that raised key challenges and opportunities for the firm’s senior leadership, and on which to base informed and bold decisions.


We came up with a fresh finance model for the target global technology function, which defined key costs and assumptions. This included a cost for the transition, as well as the actual costs involved in running the new operating model.

Key to our approach was to combine our experts’ own law firm experience and understanding, together with knowledge of systems in other sectors, such as FMCG and retail, to bring bespoke solutions to the table, rather than just the ones other law firms use.


Indicative timelines and details of our delivery approach were provided, showing how we
would move between the different transition states. The summary provided operational clarity and a framework for mobilising the support model team and services.



Our summary gave the client a crystal clear view of their current operational state, challenges and opportunities, together with a framework to help them ask the right questions


We acted as a ‘critical friend’, challenging current thinking where appropriate and validating it where we felt it was correct


We gave the leadership team a clear sense of a ‘To be’ state, so that they could visualise how operations might evolve over the years ahead


The summary demonstrated what needed to happen to effect operational transformation across all key areas of the global business


We believe there is always a smarter, more collaborative way to do things. So we have designed and built a company that aims to humanise the experience of transformational change for organisations.

We know that if we gather the most authentic, intelligent and inventive people and put the latest technology in their hands, there is no problem they can’t solve or business they can’t help transform and grow.