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  • DATE|12 Sep 2022
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Call abandon rates down

Scalable staffing increases capacity by

people at busy times

Cost of complaints reduced by

The Challenge

Ensuring better service experiences.

A major health insurance provider asked us to improve call centre customer service and overall experience.

The Insight

The power of human connection.

While customers increasingly want digital interactions, when it comes to health questions, a listening ear and empathetic human voice adds massive reassurance.

The Objective

The key objective was to a build a skilled and highly motivated call centre team that could be scaled up and down at key periods.

Adrienne Diamond

Our ability to scale up and down, together with our focus on best-in-class training and team culture have made our call centre a place where careers flourish.

The Solution

We focussed on scaleability and best in class training to produce a flexible and highly empathetic customer service team.


We opened a secondary customer care centre to be near the centres of technology and innovation and to attract the right kind of talent to our team.

We put in place a whole raft of measures such as floor walkers, a buddy system, a staff help desk and team leaders to improve communication and morale, together with cutting edge industry tuition, including empathy training.


Q4 is always our client’s busiest period, as customers renew their policies. Each year we have been able to scale up seamlessly from about 150 to around 240 team members.



While our KPIs are vastly improved, our focus is more on the qualitative than the quantitative. Customers may not know what an abandon rate is, but notice if their call is answered quickly by an empathetic voice.


The ability to flex numbers of well-trained staff as demand requires has been a key part of our solution.


We make life for our client easier, by looking after all the day to day hiring and management of the call centre solution.


A key part of our solution is the human aspect. We have invested heavily in training and now have 100 highly qualified people onboard.


We believe there is always a smarter, more collaborative way to do things. So we have designed and built a company that aims to humanise the experience of transformational change for organisations.

We know that if we gather the most authentic, intelligent and inventive people and put the latest technology in their hands, there is no problem they can’t solve or business they can’t help transform and grow.

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