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Org is a

Designed to deliver
transformational change.

  • DATE|12 Sep 2022
Improved customer experience with

new team members recruited, trained and managed

We helped save around

per year in recruiting costs

New hires on board in just

days compared to 6 weeks previously

The Challenge

Creating a state of the art contact centre.

A high street bank asked us to help them improve their customer service and to use our experience of best practice to build and manage a state of the art contact centre.

The Insight

Service scarcity drives urgency. As other financial institutions exit the market our client’s business continues to grow.

Therefore, providing all customers with the service they deserve is an urgent priority.

The Objective

Working alongside the bank’s management Our key objective was to understand the current processes and systems so we could implement effective change as fast and as painlessly as possible.

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Brian Twomey

A measure of the trust we’ve built up is the way our scope has gradually been increased so that we’re helping out in more and more areas

The Solution

We managed every aspect of the bank’s customer service solution, from sourcing the best permanent people, to finding contract staff, to providing best-in-class ongoing contact centre management.


First, we carried out a full analysis of the current ways of working, from role release to offer. Looking at due diligence, systems and processes, we got to work on identifying the bottlenecks and red tape, and introducing new, best practice alternatives based on our industry experience.

We also recommended solutions to help manage IT and risk, speeding up the hiring processes. This has been successfully rolled out across all departments, and people have embraced change for the better.


Managing and working with the recruitment team, we oversee a very collaborative environment, where our people have integrated and work in partnership with the bank. Taking full ownership of the project, we are able to deliver on organisational goals in line with the client’s brand values.

Since partnering with the bank, we have been called on to help with a raft of new challenges, from overhauling the contractor book to achieve greater efficiencies, to scaling up a Customer Service and Complaints teams in record time.



As partners, we have transformed the bank’s customer service offering, providing operational management and ensuring that a fully trained and talented workforce is in place and being effectively managed.


It’s hard to tell where the client team stops and ours starts. New people have slotted into the bank’s culture without any disruption while the bank is confident in us managing day-to-day running of the contact centre.


We’re looking ahead to ensure the best in class customer service we’re putting in place today will remain efficient, streamlined and cost effective tomorrow.


When the bank needed help, we reacted quickly to augment their teams in record time, delivering improved customer service almost immediately.


We believe there is always a smarter, more collaborative way to do things. So we have designed and built a company that aims to humanise the experience of transformational change for organisations.

We know that if we gather the most authentic, intelligent and inventive people and put the latest technology in their hands, there is no problem they can’t solve or business they can’t help transform and grow.

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