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transformational change.

  • DATE|12 Sep 2022
  • READ TIME|3 min read
A century of experience

Bringing banks the benefit of 100+ years combined payments industry expertise and experience.


Empowering bank staff to stay ahead of UK Payments regulations, saving regulatory scrutiny, potential fines and reputational damage.

C-Suite level expertise
C Suite

Providing C-Suite level expertise as needed at a fraction of the cost of a salaried payments team.

The Challenge

Regardless of size, all UK financial institutions must conform to the country’s payments regulations.

But not all banks have the budget to either access the talent and/or build an in-house payments team.

The Insight

Expert advice in an ever-changing environment.

Ever-shifting regulations and fundamental changes to the way payments operate in the UK meant an established mid-tier bank needed expert support, knowledge and advice to handle its payments effectively.

The Objective

Dealing with payments is highly complex. Without a dedicated team in the bank, our priority was to empower staff with ongoing support to handle the practical challenges and stay ahead of often bewildering regulations.

Nancy McCaw

We keep you informed about what is meaningful for you, so you can see the wood from the trees

Nancy McCaw
Expert, Payments
The Solution

Our unique Virtual Payments Team service allows banks, building societies and credit unions to tap into the power of our expertise, knowledge and networks for ongoing support as and when they need it.


With the rapid increase of regulatory change in the payments industry, we had anticipated the market need for payments support at this level. So we formed a key team of four Org experts: Programme Directors and senior Financial Services Managers with business critical experience in retail banking, payments, BACs, Credit, Direct Debit and more.

Our Virtual Payments Team now provides a cost-effective annual subscription package of consultancy days, workshops, 1-2-1 calls and additional support – an affordable and ‘on demand’ alternative to outsourcing, investing in extra resource or traditional consultancy models.


We distil relevant regulatory guidance, answer questions with a dedicated in-box, provide a targeted monthly newsletter and use our industry knowledge and networks to solve practical day-to-day payments issues.

It’s a unique and powerful service, created by Org to empower budget-constrained banks with dedicated expertise in the face of a complex regulatory landscape.



Safeguarding against regulatory risks; an advisory go-to partner; upskilling with training workshops.


Dedicated problem-solving and support.


Enabling improved systems and smoother operations


Ongoing relationships to empower bank staff and a better customer experience.


We believe there is always a smarter, more collaborative way to do things. So we have designed and built a company that aims to humanise the experience of transformational change for organisations.

We know that if we gather the most authentic, intelligent and inventive people and put the latest technology in their hands, there is no problem they can’t solve or business they can’t help transform and grow.

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